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Wines from South Africa by Garajeest

The story of this young and lively winery is fascinating and interesting. The winemaker, Callan Williams, has not only produced two excellent wines in the last five years, she IS Garajeest and the Garajeest wines are Callan Williams.

Winemaker with heart and soul

Garajeest is located in the coldest wine-growing region in South Africa, Elgin. Due to the weather conditions, the grapes remain on the vines longer until they can be harvested, giving them the chance to develop their flavour nuances to full maturity.

Power winemaker

Not even 30 years old and only established as a winery owner for five years, this cheerful, fun-loving woman is a winemaker with heart and soul. Nothing about her and her wines conforms to the traditional image we have of winegrowers. The former ballet dancer decided at the age of 23 to hang up her pointe shoes and take up a degree in oenology and viticulture at the Elsenberg Agricultural College in Stellenbosch. After successfully completing her studies and working as a volunteer for other winegrowers, she took the plunge into self-employment with the financial support of her father. The Garajeest was born. This unusual name refers to the name of French winegrowers around 1950 who rebelled against the appellation and produced their wines in the garage, the so-called "Garagees" (the second "g" is pronounced very softly, try it: Garadschiiis), in other words the garage people. Callan adopted this word in phonetic spelling and this is how her label came into being. She also created her very own design, with which she immediately won an award. She personally handles the marketing, attends trade fairs and organises tastings herself. This delicate power pack presses, creates, fights and is very successful.

Wines like rock stars

Their wines are named after rock stars: there is Jim (Morrison) and Bruce (Springsteen). Bruce is a Cabernet Franc that has elegance and heart and convinces with blackcurrant and pepper flavours. Jim is a Semillon. Both wines convince with high quality and good storability. We are very proud to have this exclusive winery in our ranks and are sure that both Bruce and Jim will be very popular with our customers.

Wein aus Südafrika:  Probierpaket für Weinkenner | Rotwein
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Wein aus Südafrika:  The Garajeest Bruce Cabernet Franc 2018
Appealing aromas of dark fruit, a gentle hint of leaves and a little chocolate. Round and velvety on the palate.


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