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Wines from South Africa by Wildehurst

The boutique winery Wildehurst is located in the Western Cape province, just over 100 kilometres from Cape Town. The beautiful small town of Koringberg is beautifully situated and is also so popular because of its excellent red wines, white wines and rosés.

The unique production

The boutique winery of Wildehurst has been recognised for years as an excellent port of call for wines of the finest quality and we were able to see this for ourselves. As we taste the wines in advance at every possible exclusive retail partner, we were able to get an idea of the range.

After the first sips, it was already clear to us that we wanted to offer these exquisite and absolutely fruity premium wines from Wildehurst in our portfolio. The winery has two exclusive series that couldn't be more different.

The Velo and Wildehurst wines - light and fruity, complex and intense

The Velo range is exclusive, light and fruity on the finish. In contrast, the Wildehurst wines are more complex in flavour and offer a full-bodied aroma.

The basis for success is the ageing in oak barrels. This gives the various red, white and rosé wines their intense flavour and a unique finish.

Joanne Hurst is the owner and has created a vineyard that consists of 90 % from Schiraz and 10 % from Viognier vines. The flagship of the winery is the Wildehurst Red, which has already won several awards and is one of the most popular wines.

A first-class boutique winery with unique facts

The boutique winery of Wildehurst Wines is run by Joanne Hurst. The winemaker behind the exclusive wines is Sheree Nothnagel. The small town of Koringberg is located in the west of South Africa.

Wildehurst wines epitomise passion and dedication like no other. For almost ten years, the winery has been producing handcrafted white, rosé and red wines that are fruity, balanced and easy to drink.

The winery is surrounded by rolling wheat fields, a lovely landscape and magnificent views. Thanks to the climate and the hand-picked grapes, it is fair to say that Wildehurst Wines is first class and one of the most popular wines on Kapvinum.

The unique production process is a Wildehurst trademark

The wines from Wildehurst Wines are multi-faceted, sweet and have a unique flavour. The winery has set itself the goal of minimising intervention in the winemaking process.

This is emphasised by the fact that Wildehrust is a member of the Swartland Independent Producers. The exclusivity of the wines is evident in every handmade bottle, which bears the Swartland Independent seal.

Stoneware amphorae are used to produce the various wines at the Wildehurst boutique winery. The wines are a dream, taste breathtaking when chilled, especially on warm midsummer nights, and impress with their exquisite flavour.

A perfect wine to enjoy with friends and loved ones

Wildehurst wines are proof of a true composition. Exquisite, handcrafted and with an intense aroma, the red wines in particular have a full-bodied flavour.

Whether you choose a rosé, red or white wine, Wildehurst wines are light on the palate and offer a distinctive fruity experience.

In the end, the Wildehurst wines are perfect and, especially when chilled, a prerequisite for pleasant hours with your loved ones.

Have you already tasted the wines of Wildehust Wines? If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and advise you on the Wildehurst wines.


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