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Wines from South Africa by Saltare

Saltare is a small winery that produces exquisite wines and Brut MCCs of the highest flavour. At the beginning, only a few bottles were produced.


In the meantime, founder Carla has had a number of stints behind her. She worked as a winemaker at Anura Vineyards for several years. Since 2010, she has focussed entirely on the growth of Saltare. Many of Saltare's wines have been awarded 4-star platters and higher in the past.

Carla has been producing her own wines and Brut MCCs since 2003. Her love for French Champagne was the basis for releasing her first barrel of Cap Classique in 2003. Saltare wines are produced in a small cellar in Stellenbosch. The grapes are select and all fit in with Saltare's concept and come from the hills of the Western Cape. The vineyards there are synonymous with exquisite quality. Carla has specially selected the blocks for her varieties and convinced herself of the quality. The Mediterranean climate creates excellent conditions for holistic grapes.

The different grape varieties now come from two different locations. The Pinot Noir comes from a farm near Sommerset West. A cool breeze blows there, which enhances the flavour of the berries in the MCC.

The Chardonnay is harvested in Robertson. The vineyard there is located on limestone soils and offers the finest minerality. The lime and lemon flavours are also intensified.

When selecting the vineyards, Carla also took care to find grapes of the highest quality and with good acidity. Saltare's flagship wines are the Brut MCCs. She also produces Chenin Blanc and Syrah, which are refined and delight with their elegant flavour.

Wein aus Südafrika:  Saltare  Syrah 2017
A velvety (organic) red wine with deep flavours of cassis, allspice, white pepper and marzipan.


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Product contains: 0,75 Liter

35,93  / Liter

Wein aus Südafrika:  Saltare Brut MCC Nature 2019
Crisp, fresh Brut MCC with roses and lavender, flavours of white peach, green apple and orange peel. A perfect aperitif. 


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Product contains: 0,75 Liter

29,32  / Liter

Wein aus Südafrika:  Saltare  Old Vines Chenin Blanc 2017
An exquisite, naturally fermented Chenin Blanc with flavours of lime blossom, tangerine and gooseberry with a mineral texture and a long, clean finish. 


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Product contains: 0,75 Liter

26,65  / Liter