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Wines from South Africa by The Valley

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The Valley

The Valley wine brand stands for some of the best wines from the enchanting Elgin Valley near Cape Town, a wine region in South Africa with the best conditions for the production of top wines. In the Elgin Valley, the vines thrive on fertile soil at a cool altitude, fed by crystal-clear mountain water, ventilated by a salty sea breeze and bathed in abundant sunshine. These scenic advantages of the area, which is located 70 kilometres from Cape Town and 20 kilometres from the Atlantic coast, were initially discovered by orchard owners. Over the years, however, more and more winegrowers have settled here, producing some of the best white, rosé and red wines in South Africa.


Boutique wines with a South African-French soul

One of them who recognised the country's advantages straight away was Nico Grobler. The winemaker wanted to realise his dream of producing quality South African wines based on the French model in the Elgin Valley in the Western Cape of South Africa. On the Smarag Farm in the Elgin Valley, he planted vines modelled on the French model. With success: today, the winery near Cape Town produces white wines of the Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay varieties, as well as rosé and Pinot Noir red wines.


Unique and exclusive vintages: rosé, red and white wines from South Africa

The Valley's range of wines is designed to be pure, fresh, fruity, light and unique. Due to his high quality standards, the likeable owner produces manageable quantities at his boutique winery. In 2020, for example, Nico Grobler launched 2,000 boxes of 6 bottles of his Pinot Noir red wine, 1,000 boxes of Chardonnay, 700 boxes of Sauvignon Blanc and 400 boxes of rosé. With these manageable and rare bottling quantities, the value of the exclusive wines increases and with their flavour, The Valley wines from the family business secure the hearts of wine lovers in and around Cape Town and worldwide.

Wein aus Südafrika:  Probierpaket für Weinkenner | Rotwein
Excellent selection of red wines for those who like variety in their lives. Benefit from 15% discount compared to buying individual bottles and find out which wine suits you best.

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Wein aus Südafrika:  The Valley Range Chardonnay 2021
A clear, fresh and fruity boutique wine with flavours of gooseberry, lemon, apple and pear. The Valley-Chardonnay 2021 tastes as pure as its place of origin. And it tastes best neat. 


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15,93  / Liter

Wein aus Südafrika:  The Valley Sauvignon Blanc 2020
The light, fruity, tangy, young white wine from the flourishing Elgin Valley near Cape Town refreshes with flavours of gooseberry, figs and asparagus - an ideal summer wine.


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Product contains: 0,75 Liter

13,32  / Liter