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For the love of wine!

We are a small but fine exclusive wine importer and retailer - the basis of our business is also our personal passion.

On the one hand, this is for a good wine. On the other hand, it is for South Africa: an exciting and thrilling country with hospitable and open people, a breathtaking and varied landscape and an enchanting and life-affirming culinary culture.

At the end of the 1980s, we were captivated by South Africa and have maintained wonderful and valuable friendships there ever since. Our personal interest in wine as one of South Africa's prestige trade products and, of course, the interesting Brut MCCs paved the way for us to the winegrowers. We concentrate exclusively on small South African boutique wineries and the best of them. We can also offer the so-called "garage wines" with the highest standards in our wine portfolio.

Südafrikanische Weine und Olivenöl - Über Kapvinum

In addition, there is an impressive variety of different grape varieties and a consistently high standard of quality. All of this ensures quality wines at an international level with exciting aromas and an incomparable diversity of flavours. The numerous international awards won by the wineries are testament to this.

We utilise our excellent relationships, long-standing, trusting contacts and friendships with local winemakers in South Africa and import the wines to Germany. Many wines from our portfolio are only available in Germany from us, KAPVINUM. We even enjoy nationwide exclusivity for some wineries.

Südafrikanische Weine und Olivenöl - Über Kapvinum

The boutique wineries offer a convincing range in terms of quantity and quality. Family-run wineries with a warm and welcoming atmosphere are a common thread running through the wineries and wines. Award-winning winemakers with multi-award-winning premium-class wines give the wineries an appealing and exciting character. In addition to marvellous wines, we also source vinegars and oils that enhance any sophisticated cuisine.

We would be delighted if our enthusiasm awakens yours. For questions or comments contact us simply - we look forward to hearing from you.

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Our thanks for their friendly support, active help and indispensable expertise go to our good friends  Nic and Mark Barnaschone and all the dedicated winegrowers - we are proud to be able to offer the highest quality products here in Germany.

We would be delighted if our enthusiasm awakens yours. If you have any questions or comments, simply contact us - we look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to help.

Always in focus: the outstanding quality of our products

Exquisite quality: hand-picked grapes, no mass production, good cultivation - bush vines

Exclusive contracts with boutique wineries

Gentle and quality-preserving transport: the VinLiner guarantees light and temperature-protected transport

International award-winning products: Platters, Veritas, IWSC, National NWC Champion, Vitis Vinivera, Wine Adwards

The famous "direct line": constant contact and constructive dialogue with producers

All wineries offer their employees excellent working conditions

Boutique wineries/ garage wineries/ family-run wineries

Personalised wine tastings at your home

KAPVINUM supports social projects in South Africa

Südafrikanische Weine und Olivenöl - Über Kapvinum

Our partners - your wine producers

We maintain long-standing and trusting contacts and friendships with winegrowers throughout South Africa. We would like to introduce you to some of these boutique wineries as examples:


In the midst of the fertile Durbanville vineyards is the winery Bloemendal a real gem. Durbanville, a rural community in one of South Africa's best-known wine-growing regions, is a good 30 kilometres from Cape Town. At 239 hectares, this wine farm is one of the largest in the region and produces wines that had us raving. Kapvinum's love of South Africa and our passion for really good wines were once again more than fulfilled here. 


What does rock'n'roll have to do with wine, you may be wondering. For Callan Williams, winemaker and owner of The Garajeets winery in Elgin, good music (in her case rock music) and good wine go hand in hand. She says: "When you listen to music, you remember the moments, smells and feelings you had when you heard it. It's the same with wine." At the young age of 30, she has already produced two top wines and shaken up the winemaking scene with her unconventional approach. 

DA Hanekom

Andri and Yvette Hanekom more than live up to the label "Boutique Wineries" with their winery of the same name. The couple see their wines from small artisanal production as the combination of a respectful embodiment of the terroir of the vineyards where the grapes grow and the hard work of the people who look after the vines and the wine. The first two wines from DA Hanekom are therefore not only exclusive wines of the highest quality, but also a tribute to their families. 

Hillcrest Estate Boutique Winery

Here in the Tygerberg Hills near Durbanville, a range of products is created that is convincing in terms of both quantity and quality. In addition to marvellous wines, we also source vinegars and oils from Hillcrest, which enhance any sophisticated cuisine.

Foothills/Klein Welmoed

Situated in the heart of the Cape Wine Route and nestled in the majestic Helderberg Mountains, winemaker Bernard le Roux produces high-quality Foothills wines and olive oils here on 40 hectares of tranquil and lovely surroundings. The wine farm Little Welmoed offers stylish overnight accommodation. After a marvellous evening with a bottle or two of Foothills wine, fall into a luxurious and inviting bed at Guesthouse Klein Welmoed. 


Home of the Cardouw Weine is a small, lively village nestled in lush orchards, less than two hours from Cape Town. Here in picturesque Citrusdal, the van der Merwe winemaking couple create two top-class wines using traditional methods. The Boutique wines Kardouw Corridor Cinsaut 2018 and The Farmer's Wife Grenache 2018 are the result of the couple's love for each other and their passion for original, authentic winemaking. 

Klein Roosboom Boutique Winery

"Cape Town's best-kept secret" - this description of this wonderful winery is no longer entirely accurate: Klein Roosboom is now too well-known and successful in producing its delicacies. However, the warm, open and hospitable atmosphere of this family-run winery still runs like a golden thread through the estate and its wines.

Rosendal Boutique Winery

Hand-picked grapes and a multiple award-winning winemaker give Rosendal its appealing and exciting character. Multiple award-winning wines of the absolute premium class speak for themselves.

Kronendal Boutique Winery

Located in Durbanville, this family-run boutique winery produces a single, very exclusive red wine: only three thousand bottles of "Mirari" are bottled each year.

La Brune

The soul of the African home soil, combined with the French roots, characterise the taste of Nico Grobler's wines. No wonder: traditional Burgundian winemaking methods are used at La Brune.

Lomond Winery

Situated on Cape Alguhas, the southernmost point of the African continent, and with breathtaking views of the Atlantic & Indian Oceans, Lomond produces world-class wines.

Wildehurst Boutique Winery

The boutique winery Wildehurst is located in the Western Cape province, just over 100 kilometres from Cape Town. The beautiful small town of Koringberg is beautifully situated and is also so popular because of its excellent red wines, white wines and rosés.


Saltare is a small boutique winery that produces exquisite wines and Brut MCCs of the highest flavour. Many of Saltare's wines have been awarded 4-star platters and higher in the past.

The Valley

The wine brand The Valley stands for some of the best wines from the enchanting Elgin Valley near Cape Town, a wine region in South Africa with the best conditions for the production of top wines.

Hofstraat Kelder

A small yet up-and-coming boutique winery is based near Malmesbury. We are talking about Hofstraat Kelder, winemaker Wim Smit with interesting "garage wines". Connoisseurs will appreciate the quality.

The happy children of Klein Welmoed

It's not just the love of wine that drives me to South Africa in December and January to go shopping at the wineries, it's also the love of the people. Every year I look forward to the unconditional warmth of the locals, who don't have much themselves.